NISSAN Laurel Hardtop Medalist Turbo Automatic

This car is a Japanese spec. Laurel Hardtop, the Hardtop is a pillarless 4 door with a lower roof line compared to the Laurel saloon, it's rear end is completely different too. The Medalist is the top of the range hardtop and has accessories like automatic air-conditioning, puretron air purifier and electrically operated windows and wing mounted mirrors. The engine is the L20ET turbocharged 2 litre OHV 6, it's mated to an automatic gearbox. The car is now in the Netherlands after being sold new in Japan, being brought to England and spending most of it's life there. Thanks to Jon for saving the car and Eddie for storing it for me untill I could bring it over to join my collection of Datsuns and Nissans. The car needs quite a bit stuff to get in pristine condition again. The chassis legs and front inner wings are a bit rusty and it needs door skins for two doors. It also requires two side windows (some bastard vandalized the car before it was saved by Datsun Owners Club secretary Jon Rodwell) the cracked windscreen needs replacing and a new turbo as the old one sounds like a coffee grinder. But it's worth it all because it is both a very rare car in Europe and it's gorgeous to look at.