Nissan Laurel 3.0E SGX

This wonderfull car was a very lucky find. I wanted one of these for a long time, I have always liked the Laurels but this is the top of the range with the 3 litre VG30E V6 engine. The SGX for the Dutch marked had cruise control, air conditioning, 15” alloy wheels, foglights and the plusher velour interior with separate rear headrests, adjustable rear seat and woodgrain dash panels. It was fitted as standard with catalytic converter and automatic 3 speed plus overdrive gearbox. It also features rear disk brakes and a rear anti rollbar. This car spent the first years of its life at the spanish holiday home of the first owner, by coincidence the couple who then bought the car used it to drive to spain a lot too. When the husband passed away the lady kept driving around in the car, because, eventhough it was far to big for her, she felt at home in it. It felt like a warm winter coat she said. At the age of 87 she gave up driving and asked her daughter and son in law to sell the car for her, they wanted it to go to a good home and were happy to see that it joined my collection of Datsuns and Nissans.