Nissan Cherry 1.3 Trend

To replace my everyday car when it got stolen I bought this Cherry N12. It was cheap (I was not looking for a Nissan specifically, this one just was available) and it had already done 281000 kms. It's a limited edition Trend which amongst others has a black and blue interior similar to the Turbo model. This car has also got a two tone paint job in metallic grey over black (over rust :-). It is purely temporary transport but I quite like it. We'll see how long it will last.

My everyday car has been found, it had been missing 4 months but was remarkably undamaged so I am driving that again. After 12.000 reliable km (I did have to replace the head gasket and later the radiator but it did get me home every time) I couldn't bear to bring this little car to the scrap yard, it starts on the button every time. I decided if it would pass it's yearly test without too much work I would keep it, and It passed requiring only a wheel bearing and some welding. So it's still in the family, my mother is using it now as a runabout until something major will fail (could be a few years then 🙂

update #2:
After a year and a half of doing excellent service with my mother the rust just got too bad. There was no metal left to weld a much needed new inner sill to, nor was there any rear crossmember left to speak off, which is a small worry as the rear suspension mounts to it. I had to bring it to a scrapyard, even on it's last journey it started immediately (having stood for weeks already) and it just blasted along the country roads on my last drive in it. A very enjoyable little car, I have very fond memories and might be tempted to add one to the collection again when a good one crosses my path.