Nissan Cedric 1900

In 1960 Nissan introduced the first Cedric. It was the first post war Nissan car and replaced the Austin A50, that Nissan built under licence. The Cedric, known as the type 30, had stacked headlights, influenced by a popular Japanese high speed train. Shortly after the introduction a 1900cc engine joined the 1500cc. A Cedric Custom followed with a longer wheelbase, recognisable by the longer rear doors (type G30).
For the ‘63 model year (type 31) the typical but not universally liked front end was redesigned. The quad headlights were now arranged horizontally. The Cedric deluxe (G31) got the longer wheelbase thus far used by the Custom, which in its turn grew even longer through the use of longer front doors (H31). For ’64 a new grille was implemented and also a totally redesigned dashboard with a strip speedometer replacing the round gauges.
1965 brought yet another grille and also rear lights, with separate lenses for the indicators. Inside new patterns were used for the upholstery and the badges on the boot lid were unique for this year. A recirculation ball steering box was introduced, replacing the worm and roll used previously and also the pressed steel rocker cover made way for an aluminium one.

This Nissan Cedric 1900 deLuxe was supplied to Mr. E.Morris of Richmond (SA) on September 17th 1965 by Carcycle Pty. Ltd. of Adelaide. It is one of the last Cedrics of this model, production of its successor (type 130) already started one month later. After a long and cherished life with its original owner, this Cedric ended up with a collector in Australia. When he needed to make room for another addition to his collection, he looked for a good home for this unique Cedric. We were delighted to get the opportunity to own such a rare car and didn’t hesitate to take it off his hands. After a long journey inside a shipping container, the Cedric arrived in the Netherlands in September 2018.