This is a very special car. It is the very rare VAN version of the Wagon body style and a very early one (chassisnr.. is 670!). Although the registration document states it first came on the road in 1973 it has the early style dashboard (as on narrow taillight saloons) as used up to june 1972, it also has the thermostatically controlled electric fan and closed inner wing which was used from august 1971. At one time the car has been "restored" which mainly involved welding crude patches on top of the rust holes. Probably at the same time the cars original early black standard trim has been replaced by a later dark grey deluxe interior complete with back seat! In the rear seat well there are traces of the supports for the original extended load floor. How the loading area should look I am not sure, I so far have not found any pictures of the VAN. Apart from the (biggish) problem of finding the floor extension and a set of early seats. I also have to find a new dash, somebody has cut a hole in it to fit a radio. Some strange details, the rear bumper has only one number plate light (which wasn't used on European car officially) and it has rear lights with tiny round reflectors in them instead of the separate reflectors on the corners of the bumper. Thankfully thanks to a Norwegian friend I now have a new bumper and rear lights