DATSUN 100A 2 door Deluxe

How could I resist, an early narrow taillight E10. It had to be saved otherwise it would have been broken up for parts!!! In fact it is quite solid for a 30+ year old Datsun. It will need a bit of welding, a long needed thorough service and a lot of work to the brakes to get it running again. But the base is very good. I hadn't driven a 100A for a while when I picked it up. It was soooo nice to be behind the wheel of one of these little whining go karts again. The worst storm in 10 years, but nothing could stop it, not even a tree falling over only inches behind it. Oh and yes, the hub caps are wrong, I apologize for not taking them off yet. Why do E10s ALWAYS suffer from people painting wheels and/or hubcaps..... dark grey wheels with the correct hub caps, that's how they should be. This one should have the completely chromed 4 pointed stars. I so far managed to find one.... I did find a PAIR of door trims in the early black to replace the ones that were butchered to fit speakers. I was very lucky there.